DIY x-base farmhouse console table

I was a hold out on the world of Pinterest but, my mom roped me in and now I keep finding awesome ideas I want to try in my own home.

I came across the below amazing farmhouse table found here. The plans to build it were found at ana-white. I did not need a farmhouse table but, this was really close to the idea I wanted for a more rustic console table only with a little bit of tweaking. The Anthropologie version of this dining table sells for almost 2000.00.

our finished version with stripped galvanized top

The tutorial:

We needed a table 55"w x 19"d x 30"h.

We followed the directions the same as the plans and just changed some of the measurements. The cross pieces on 45 degree angles were cut at 8" length instead to make the table skinnier. Instead of doing the wood planked top we added a 1" layer of plywood to cover with the metal.


 the finished unstained version with the plywood top.

my stain recipe for this project was:

approx 1 tbsp water

1.5 tbsp baby fawn latex paint (or any grey to get the weathered look)

1 cup dark walnut stain

I used a paint brush to apply pretty thick and did not wipe off other than drips. This project took almost a full 24 hours to dry.

 the sheet metal was made to size by my local shop again but, came as shiny galvanized.

i looked up many ideas on aging galvanized metal on the internet. let me tell you now, industrial sheet metal laughs at vinegar.

out came the rubber gloves and safety glasses with a big bottle of muriatic acid. this method works great but is quite stinky. ventilated area a must. the only issue with this method is with the application it formed a drip pattern into the metal because it goes so fast. i pulled out the old hand sander and away i went. medium grit paper and then to the buff pad. i got the texture i want and am debating another idea with dark wax but, for now it looks great.

 we didn't add the cross braces or bottom 2x4, as I needed to be able to store our blanket box and spare stools.

the grey brown wood looks wondeful around the kubu wicker and the linen sofa


super happy with the final product and the best part was the price. not even an inkling near the 2000.00 point.

Have a good one.


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