COUCH SERIES: You bought the monster, now what?

Hey all,

It's afternoon and I have been a serious graphic designing monster this morning trying to screw my brain around making ads, newsletter updates and my head hurts.

I can do it but damn, graphic design is not my favourite thing. More like an evil necessity in a first year business to save money where possible.

So here's the scoop for this new idea that I had.

I get asked day in and day out how to decorate homes, what goes with what, how to pull things together and a lot of times changing out your furniture is NOT an option or at least not a viable option in the near future.  

Much like the tablescape series that changed the table with different items but a good set of basics,

What do you do when you bought the monster black leather sofa that so many people resort to when you first get married?

Trevor and I owned the brown set, the love seat is still in our basement.

 You know the sofas I mean with huge presence, super comfy arms but not always screaming high on the style scale by themselves.

Have you been in the shop and met my alter ego Jill?

People are actually confusing me with her because we are so alike and have curly hair. We'll do a formal introduction in the coming weeks.

However, for today Jill has the monster black sofas and is a lover of decor. She wants to update parts of her room but changing the furniture right now with a young growing family is not an option. The rug is next on her wish list.

A week ago I invaded her home with garbage bags full of my pillows and blankets and moved things around, hung out with her lovely son (who wanted to move things with me) and super cute pup Scout.

The first look with the black sofas is the 

Vintage Eclectic

Nothing matching each other but all tying together in tone to update the room.

The accessories are all Jill's in the room, we just tied it all together with the textiles.

doesn't Scout look darling with this look. it's like he was made for fall decor. 

Jill already had a lot grey, white and black in the room so when adding in the colour tones i kept that in mind. the mustard pillow and burlap texture pillow tie in her leaf decor and the wicker unit in the corner. the grey and white can look really cool without something pulling them in so i used a grey and white ticking pillow to pull that together.

the biggest trick with black sofas is making sure that they are not the only black in the room. the pillow have black, there is black in the coffee table and the accessories also have some note of black.

i also used a grey wool blanket on the sofa to further pull in the grey in the room to make it feel warmer.

So that's the first look and we'll share number 2 tomorrow 

Vintage Traditional 

Have a good one all,


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