Christmas House Tour Part 4: The Outdoors

Happy Friday morning!

Before you can make it into the front foyer and celebrate the Christmas season with some coffee or more likely red wine in our home, you must first park in the driveway and enjoy the outdoor scene I have set for you.

We welcome you to our home in the country with RED this year.

That RED has a lot of snow on it as I write this but, I photographed it on a greener day.

we get insane wind at our home so tying ornaments with string was not an option. i used a heavier gauge wire to attach the ornaments to the tree and ladder

this antique wagon inspired the colour switch to red this year and i have to say i am loving it.


just in case you didn't know you were entering a vintage house, i added a silver creamer to our front door wreath.

Thank you for enjoying all of the parts of our Christmas house tour this year.

I have some tree wrap up posts and Entertaining 101 posts coming up so stay tuned.

For those that have been asking I am going back through our regular house tour and adding in paint colours and some of the items where we bought them.

I also will updating the etsy store today instead of yesterday as I just darn well ran out of steam. It has been a crazy week. TGIF

Have a fantastic snowy day all,



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