Chateau green end tables

These babies were your classic yucky yellow wood with gawdy handles in a nice older gentlemans garage covered in a foot of dust. The bonus was solid wood with nice dove tailed drawers.

I gave them a light sage chateau green finish. Chateau green and old white. 

I love them now. 

I had to give these 2 a talk and explain that they couldn't live in the house no matter how much I wanted them to. It was a conversation of sad faces. They are such a glorious green and the hardware even looks happy now.

and some new props as I slowly transfer to props that will be available at the show in September. It will make it easier to see a good selection of what will be available.


I am also working on a Facebook page for Oliver and Rust.

I have been a vocal non-lover of facebook as a prying eye for people to be in each others business but for a business (ha using the word business too much) it will make sense to keep on top of show info, new furniture pieces, sales etc especially for people who don't want/or know how to sift through a blog.

I will do a post about it when it is not in the shabby stages but, if you would like to find me you can do so here or on my sidebar.

Have a lovely day,


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