Chartreuse bathroom reveal

After Christmas comes down, I love getting our house back to normal and maybe giving it some tweaks. I can't handle a full reno right after all that insanity so my real tweak this year came into out main floor bathroom. I found a gorgeous towel at Anthropologie in November and hoarded it until it could come out in January.

I love the chartreuse mustardy colour and wanted to add it in little bits in the room.

I then went on the hunt for new yellow accents that would blend together to help the awesomeness of the towel shine through.


has anyone else heard of billy balls? they are a preserved floral and match the towel perfectly. it was like someone heard my thoughts. i mixed them in with tallow berries.

the embroidery hoop ring on the lamp is an original design by me. 

the anthro inspired wreath now fully visible into the room. thank you for your patience on that one.


i changed out the small wood mirror for a larger gilt mirror i found for next to nothing at a local antique store. this bathroom is not seeing a full reno for quite awhile yet and the current faucets have chrome and brass. instead of fighting them i say join em. throw in the brass and the silver. somehow i think it works.


our little shelf vignette saw some rearranging as well. sliding around those awesome boxwood wreaths all over the house and adding in some billy balls for more colour.

and don't forget all the birds. i have a serious collecting issue with bird figurines in white, stone or brass.


there's also a little yellow doily under my tub candle with milk glass and a boxwood wreath ring.


the whole room. a hard shot to get because of size and light blasting in the window. the architectural fragment over the window is actually a broken piece off of an antique bed.

 the "trees" on either side of the tub make if feel like a forest.


another of my hoop designs. these will soon be available in my store. i also made some book page bunting to go with it.

who are all the black and white family photos of you ask? i have no idea but they're watching you while you're in there!!! 

the arch window was a local find and adds to the architectural flair i was going for.

lots of chippy goodness there!

Thanks for taking a peek

Have a great day,



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