Candy Cane Red: Part 3 of our Home Tour

Part 3 commences with our basement of Christmas cheer. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, you can follow these links for loads more holiday pictures. We got our real tree yesterday and decorated it with nature and red and ELF in the background. I kind of fell in love with the red hits for the basement this year and added it in a number of places. 

We have also almost finished our bar (just waiting for the faucet to arrive) but let me tell you, that area of our basement pushes the limits of my Nikon Coolpix and tripod. There is no natural light in this basement and boy oh boy would I ever love to try a wide angle lens. It's in my savings pile.

Anyways, enough yapping, on to the tour.


you know i had to make me a few of these vintage anthropologie snowglobes

this is the best view i could muster of the bar, complete with anaglypta backsplash, marble counter, vintage shelf, and barnboard ceiling. i love how it is turning out. come on tap.

Have a great night,


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