Canada Day DIYwh

I spent a lovely Canada Day cutting my lawn for 2 hours(this is not complaining, I love cutting the grass), working in the garden, playing with my Milo-dog and DIYwhing. The extra wh after the DIY stands for "with husband" because, as soon as I start something the lovely feller comes home and takes over. Have I mentioned that he LOVES to spray paint. I was going good on my little project and boom the can jumps right out of my hand with laughing coming out of it.
Anyways some new lamps for my spare bedroom: bases from a cool consignment store on a shopping extravanganza with one of my best friends. Skeptical, that was the look I got for these lamps, the shades that were on them would make anyone skeptical.

before and after in it's new home (there are 2 of them, 1 on each side of the bed), new linen lampshades from Target. 2 coats of spray primer and 2 coats of Satin white paint. ta da

Happy Holiday weekend to Canadians & Americans alike.


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