Better late than never....Upstairs Hallway in winter

Well, the weather man said it. The friggin' cold is finally going away.
Usually I find myself on team "I like winter" but once February 28 hits the stroke of midnight to turn into March 1 I join my winter hating buddies and can't wait for this madness to stop. My peegee hydrangea standards have snow sitting all the way up to the crux? where the tree stump turns to branches. That's like 4 feet of snow still sitting on my gardens.
Franklin has taken to doing the 3 legged hop to go to the bathroom so 1 paw stays warm.

Trevor and I went to pick up a shelf for the store on Tuesday night in St.Catharines and found ourselves in an unplowed neighbourhood in Trevor's death trap of a service van (it needs new tires) stuck in the middle of the intersection. Some nice man and his son came to help us get out and of course the curtain pulling peepers were out in full force because we were making so much noise.
You truly see the kindness of people at this time of year. You spend a good portion of your time cranking your own vehicle to get unstuck or pushing someone else. 
I don't get stuck as I drive my lovely Jeep but some other people *nudge nudge* like to drive into peoples front yards twice in the same weekend just for fun. Not mentioning any names but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Anyways back to the pickup Tuesday, so we got out into a nice curtain peepers driveway and he came out to give us some cardboard (every notice that people of a certain age always seem to have spare cardboard) and he let us leave the van there. We trekked down the street, paid for our shelf and walked it down the street laughing in the snow. We looked strange but, oddly enough we are getting used to that.

So speaking of snow and winter, how about I share the winter upstairs hallway before I pull it down in favour of spring. I'm not nearly as jump ahead this year as other bloggers on account of life and it's hard to put all my mossy items, birds and rabbits out when I can see the snow at my window ledge still and hear the sound of spinning tires multiple times a day.

Our lovely new neighbours feed the birds every day and it looks out from my bathroom window and I can hear the circus of birds chirping every morning when they come for breakfast. It's wonderful for the soul.

i jammed 2 restoration hardware light up trees into the same bin to make them more substantial and these serve as our hallway night light in the winter. 

another of my blooming orchids. this photo was taken awhile ago. these are actually almost ready to open now.

Well, happy weekend everyone. 
I am hoping to get a pinterest inspiration post out next week as well as an update on our antics at the shop. It is coming along quite nicely.


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