Back to office again

It hasn't been that long since I moved everything around in my office to accomodate the etsy listings dresser but the shelves were still malfunctioning in their purpose. Stuff I rarely use was on the main or middle shelf and stuff I used more often on the top shelf. Stupid organization plan.

I had a plan to fix it but the problem is when it is nice outside with sun and plants, I have guilt for staying in the house even for an hour during the day. Crazy I know but that's what is in my head.

Anyways, it rained and was kind of cool on Saturday so it was time to tackle the shelves.

Moment of honesty here, the push for organization came when I found this really cool wood shelf/drawer thing to help me organize my pillows waiting to be sewn.

So welcome back to my office sans mess.

finally found a great place to display my ever growing collection of milk glass and cameras


while i was up there i also got the itch to change the lampshade of my desk lamp so down to the basement storage and la ti da i had a spare black shade. ooh drama.


the little table i found last week at the goodwill and i think it was a salesman sample for coffee tables but makes a neat display pedestal


the troublemaking table i found. isn't is awesome? the top drawers help organize all my etsy supplies and all the cut up pillows are neat and organized. i also made a spot for all my finds awaiting their photography session so i don't get myself confused with what i have taken photos of and what i haven't. my brain is getting a little scrambled with some of my plate lately.



Thanks for stopping in and if you aren't too busy how about sewing a 

couple of pillows for me.

Have a great day,


city farmhouse 
savvy southern style 
stone gable 
common ground 
miss mustard seed 

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