Artissimo China Cabinet for the eclectic home

Good morning. 
This has really shaped up to be one of those weeks. Part of the reasons for the "those" is me trying to be a better blog designer and failing miserably but, realizing my true potential for this craft will never be realized and that is ok as there are plenty of people who are wonderful at it and that I can pay a small sum of money to make me a blog template I love and I can stop trying to code or get my background to load properly. It apparently also makes me a long winded writer. My high school english teacher would have went red all over that last sentence. 
For now with this blog however, we do white on white. You like?
I am hoping to have something to show in the blog redesign department within the week.

I have to say my favourite navy paint is the wonderful Miss Mustard Seed's Artissimo.

It goes on kind of a funky royal blue but once you add the hemp oil it gets this rich, would look good anywhere navy colour. Perfect compliment to persian rugs or calm and cool in a white room with modern furniture.

so since i think it looks so good with persian rugs i dragged the one from my front hall out here to add some pizzazz to the photos. the demijohn is also ours from our front hall so you cannot buy it since i know someone will ask.

 the neat hat box it is sitting on IS in the show pile and is great in black with a nice carmel leather detailing.

the hardware on the bottom of this piece was broken but i wanted to keep the original door knob seen below so i tied the white interior of the cabinet in with these white and gold knobs from #hobbylobby. i used grecian gold #rubnbuff on the new knobs and old knob to tie them together a bit better in tone.


Well happy hump day all


miss mustard seed

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