Another Before & After DIY style

A couple of weeks ago we had a major spring hot spell and boom out came all the patio furniture and the rearranging/inspiration demons took over my brain. Of course, then it grew winter cold again for a few weeks and the patio just stood still in a mocking way. I knew I wanted another comfy seating area in addition to our table this year so, back to the Kijiji drawing board. A vintage wicker set.....hmmm......

I found a beautiful chippy set of 3 in white paint at a decent price, but while my love of chippiness and white runs deep, my patio is more on the black side of things.

BEFORE: Miss Milly had to sneak in for a spring photo op.



All painted black.


I used a spray primer first because of the amount of chips and then used 3 coats of black semi-gloss spray. The cushions are actually 3 chair cushions mushed together because it was becoming impossible to find a loveseat cushion i liked that also didn't cost 300.00 (Are you freakin' kidding me?)

The bolster pillow on the sofa is an antique grainsack I found on Etsy with a rare black stripe and the linen/black chrysanthemum pillows are made by me.

The half wine barrel table was a full wine barrel I had Trev saw in half. The other half found a home on our front porch.


Now if it would just warm up enough at night to add the plants.

Have a great day


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