Adding some bunting

I am always thinking of new ideas for my future non-existent store or the next show and what I can add, change, make to spruce up my display etc.

I love bunting. I really love the white plain style. I am a big fan of Downton Abbey along with many of you I am sure. I love the large parties they throw and the decorations that are shown of that time. Now while I am planning to show you the real life Downton Abbey home we visited on our trip tomorrow I thought I would share some of the inspired decorations I made.

I bought some twill tape at our local fabric store, chopped up a bunch of white linen triangles and got to sewing. I obviously don't have anywhere to hang them for retail purposes right now so I decided to add them to the spare bedroom for fun, and then of course busted out the camera and took some photos, after I tripped and fell into the wall from being lazy and using the wrong stool to hang the bunting.

it is also that time of year when i have to bring my plant hoard into the house. this room is cool enough in the winter to not suffocate my plants but gets a lot of light so many of my plants get to laze away their days now reaching for the bunting.

I am starting to debate paint colours for this room. It was painted when we first moved in 5 years ago and always comes off as a purple beige in the afternoon light. The floor is white and I love it so the walls are going to be a plaster grey colour me thinks.

Have a great hump day all,


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