A vintage woodland Christmas....

Well the calendar may be creeping on mid November but it feels as though Christmas is right around the corner as we have transformed the store into a wonderland of goodies.

It took 3 people in shifts working 14 hours a day for 4 days to get everything organized, priced and  displayed. Trevor working with Jill and I tirelessly almost the first day opening box after box like Christmas morning just trying to see what the next thing was.

My mom assisted us at the shop the second day and was a bit in awe of first, how much Jill and I cackle at each other while at work, and how much stuff comes out of the boxes in a disaster like hurricane to get out on the shelves in an organized manner.

My lovely shop girl Jill killed it with me the next 2 days and continually as we finished vignettes, listened to me mutter about wholesalers, bears with me as I take apart displays we just completed because something isn't right and shares a love of red wine and mini tacos.

I really wanted the shop to be Christmas but, I also wanted people to still be able to find goods to decorate their home. Not just with glitter and shiny but things they need when entertaining and gift giving as well.

So today a beginning tour as you know I took a lot of photos. The photos were spread around 4 days because as soon as people started hearing the store was Christmas-ified, it has been a zoo. We've had to unpack more and continually bring in more stock as things leave faster than they hit the shelves. (this is a great problem)
but you'll see vignettes change and products in different places as we moved them or they sold. 


our tabletop woodland tree.

and the red tree.

Well thanks for wandering around and if you've been in the shop, thanks for stopping in as we are so happy to have you.


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