A new 44 dollar wall

Good morning everyone!

I totally intended this post for yesterday morning but my eyelids wouldn't stay open Sunday night to write anything intelligent. 

I am so so excited for this barn show next next Saturday, it is everything me all in one place for others to enjoy but I am getting ready for a smidge of a break.

I was doing one of my regular cruises around the thrift store last week and saw a whole bunch of black and white art prints in goldish frames. I purchased 4 of them at 3.99 each thinking I might add them in to one of my galleries.

I got them home, got out the rub n' buff and transformed the frames into a lovely antique gold and then got an amazing idea. What about a gallery wall in the bathroom too. Not normally done, why the heck not.

I made Trevor make a pit stop this weekend to pick up 7 more (crossing my fingers they were still there, as it was a thrift store and there are no second chances)  because 4 is just not enough for a true gallery wall.

Welcome back to the bathroom

I mean that in a totally not weird way.

 the frames make the walls feel taller and open up the whole room. i liked the shelf that was there but it always felt like it chopped up the wall especially with the wainscotting


the art ended up being Rembrandt's bookplates that were originally framed by a professional company. the faces keep you company while you think. lol



also since i was rearranging in there, i started moving other pieces around as well and added a few more of our art pieces on this side of the room

the brown bottles scream fall. i added some african porcupine quills in the tiny bottle and an old postcard for interest


 the boxwood wreath from the shelf found a new home on the window

the top squirrel is a new print by our favourite artist Edward Spera and is called  Red Squirrel. It keeps in theme with the random squirrels that keep popping up in our home.


i have pulled out this towel every fall and every year my brother says it looks like old drapes. makes me love it more.

So 11 frames at 3.99 totalling 44.00 gave our bathroom a whole new look.  Not a bad price for a makeover.

Come back tomorrow to see how I revamped the frames.

Have a good day,


savvy southern style 
stone gable 
craftberry bush 
french country cottage 

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