A little more modern, a little more global

Futzing around.

That's a term right?

Well we've had a lot and I mean a lot of stuff going on around here lately. Life, shop, Emma, family crap, house work you know the drill. Anyways when my brain space is filling up with too much stuff that I can no longer focus I futz around the house doing something that makes me happy and usually it helps me re focus on the other stuff.

Our spare room became the focus of the futz a couple weeks ago. This room is one of my favourites as it is light & airy, and generally right now I am the one that uses it as my plant treatment room and reading room when I get a few minutes so it stays clean, and its a calm space to just be.

I hadn't changed much in here other than linens for the seasons etc so I cleaned off all the tables, inspected the few plants in here [most end up outside for the summer] and thought about the few changes I wanted to make. I have noticed as of late and probably influenced by social media and being a shop owner that my vintage style has been drafting a little bit more modern vintage. Not retro modern but just with little bits of sleeker thrown in rather than everything being vintage. Make sense?

this macrame set hangs outside this bedroom. the upstairs bath is to the right so it hangs in this little corner with the lovely grapevine ivy that i love. this plant is so low maintenance, looks like a million bucks and is ivy without being ivy you know?

for a few of the newer followers. i made the botanical art with pressed leaves from around our property about 4 years ago. the duvet cover was west elm about 6 years ago and is usually in our room but it looks so nice with the fern pillows and kilim pillow i added that it gets to live in here now. i added the white honeycomb looking candle holder that is the perfect size to just sit without needed anything inside or being too small to be a place holder.

my shoe form collection still lives on.

i added a modern flat white pot with snake plant and moved the green plant shelf to the other side of the planting table.

the main plant pots in here are white and modern shaped now to tie in the terra cotta but not look so vintage to the eye

i love those pressed fern pottery vases that a local potter made for the shop. under a cloche it has a little extra presence and doesn't require anything in it

overall it wasn't huge changes. more like a nip here, a removal there, some cleaning and 3 "newer" pieces and the space just feels a bit more refreshed. i shopped my house and moved things around and to me it feels like a new room.

i added a "cactus" euphorbia trigona on the plant stand. cactus is really having a moment right now and could possible be taking down the ever so fussy echeveria succulents. it always makes me laugh looking at cactus right now. i have a rep that deals in many companies for the shop and every year there is a new hit animal. i.e. the owl then the fox. when we asked this year what the animal of the year is,

she just said


the animal this year is cactus...

Well thanks for stopping by my spare room and plant hoarding space and checking out my futzing.

Talk soon,


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