A funny story about seeing yourself in the mirror

I found this really neat mirrored wardrobe at the Goodwill with a yucky varnish finish. The mirror on the doors however had the great crazing that only comes with time. Inspiration struck and I loaded, actually the nice guys from the Goodwill that can see me coming now loaded it into my truck.

I had time last weekend to get this armoire done and got it right into place in my photo "booth" setup, styled it up, snapped some photos hit play on my camera and snapped a brain cell. Then I started laughing because I honestly hadn't even had a thought occur to me that the mirrored doors reflected everything in the garage. 

NOT pretty.

My other furniture, an orange seen better days lazy boy, the lawn mower, a rough cut end table, piles of paint cans, the recycling bin, it was all in the photo.

And so was I, green pants and green t-shirt with paint on my face.

I ran in the house laughing to show Trev and the horrid photos, of course he tried to save face "they aren't that bad, no one will notice"

Did he know this world of bloggers I so love with their detail orient? and how on earth am I supposed to sell a gorgeous sage green cupboard with an orange 1970's lazy boy in the reflection.

PLAN B: Make a new backdrop with pretty reflections.

i grabbed the old hand truck and moved the wardrobe to the side of our garage with a reflection of grass and gardens. mucho better!


 this piece is mix of annie sloan chateau grey and old white with a combination of waxes. very little distressing was done as the piece is veneer underneath and it looks more cohesive and attractive as a less shabby piece.

perfect for someone's home or cottage.


Have a lovely day,


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