Notes by Meg

  • The Whiskey & Gin pillow collection has arrived with a side of autumn

    And..... it's my first blog post here since everything moved, so hopefully I can figure this sucker out.  The weather has gotten cooler and it's time to flip around the house, clean after the longest March break ever and maybe treat ourselves to some new stuffed animals. Ahem..... pillows. The W...
  • A Summer Living Tour at Home

    An alternate title to the this post could 100% of have been, That plant is too big for that table.But you know what?I don't much care.Because that vintage pot and that Cast iron plant look sexy together and we don't sit in here much at this time of year so I left it once I figured out they fit to...
  • Summer Santana: The Latest Collection of Pillows at Oliver And Rust

    And just like that 2 months have gone by since the store got re opened. This year is more than half over and it's been the weirdest longest curviest sometimes ill advised roller coaster ever.  The pillows just keep coming though. This past week, the Summer Santana collection was released into the...
  • WE MADE IT! Reopening at Oliver and Rust

    The longest 2 months almost to the day for me have come to an end. Well Wednesday is the end. This has been an epic rollercoaster filled with every emotion under the sun. The support that has come in for this store from so many of you has been overwhelming and so appreciated that words just won'...
  • A slo mo shop tour at Oliver and Rust

    This post is for all my "go slower" friends. It was high time I did a shop tour on here again and this one is going to be picture intense. Loads of photos for perusal to help with the wonderful screen shopping we are all doing. Please note a few things: 1. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected]
  • A bigger girl room

    It's been awhile in the making.

    Our little girl got a little bit bigger when she graduated from a crib to a big girl bed in December. 

    At the time in the midst of her birthday and Christmas it was really all we did.

    We found a mattress and a frame and plopped it in.

    It gave me time to think about how she uses the room as her little three year old self and how she'll use it for the next couple years.

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