Driftwood Vase

Silver Footed Bowl

Vintage Pewter Taper

Volcanic Rock Carving

Vintage Metal Locker Basket

Out of Stock

Paper Mache Bowl- C

Paper Mache Bowl- B

Paper Mache Bowl-A

Cotton Cross Trivet

Vintage Seltzer Bottle- B

Vintage Seltzer Bottle-A

Metal Parat Tray

Brass Taper Candle Set- Heavy

Brass Taper Candle Set

Brass Taper Candle Set- Short

Brass Taper Candle Set- Skinny

Carmi oak leaf ivy arrangement

Out of Stock

Pepperomia ripple arrangement

salt spring hot sauce

Stonewall Herbes de Provence Dipping Oil

Variegated Wandering Jew

Vintage ironstone pudding bowl set

Vintage Romanian Ironstone Bowl

Vintage Brass Mineral Sifter

Vintage Wood Bowl- B

Vintage Wood Bowl- A

Vintage Rice Jar- B

Vintage Rice Jar- A

Ammonite Fossil

ring holder - locally made

Wood Jewellery Holder - Locally made

Out of Stock

Glass Beer Mug

Vintage Demijohn- C

Vintage Olive Green Demijohn- B

Vintage Dark Olive Demijohn- A

Terra vase 2

Terracotta vase 1

Out of Stock

White mudcloth euro pillow

Small Vintage Wicker Trunk

Black and Rust Kantha Quilt

Black and White Kantha Quilt

Black and Gold Kantha Quilt

Navy Kantha Quilt

Olive Spoon

small marble bowl

Stonewall Kitchen Salsa

Vintage Square Concrete Bowl

Vintage Blue Glass Pickling Jar

Handmade Pottery oil Pourer- Light Grey

Out of Stock

Handmade Pottery oil Pourer- White

Handmade Pottery Oil Pourer- Cream

Marble and Wood Lamp

Carved Marble Tray

Vintage Linen Red Stripe Grainsack Runner- I

Custom Length Caramel Grainsack Runner- I

Custom Length Grainsack Runner

Vintage Navy Grainsack Runner- A

Black Metal Watering Can

Vintage Brass Tray

Bird Nest Serving Set

Grey Marble Pot

White Marble Pot

Lola Pot

Vintage Wood Wash Basin

Vintage Glass Fishing floats

Vintage Silver Tray

Vintage Pewter Pitcher

Vintage Harvest Basket- B

Vintage Harvest Basket- A

vintage Glass and Gold Tables

recycled glass beads- olive

Recycled Glass Beads- Amber

ironstone square dish

Ironstone Large Dish

Ironstone Small Dish

Recycled Glass Beads- blush

farmhouse Candle by Paddywax

Vintage Black Stone Saucer

Vintage Bean Pot- B

Vintage Bean Pot- A

Vintage Grey Stripe Chair

Reclaimed Wood Stool

Large Carmi Pot

Concrete Soap Dish

Mini Merlot rug

Hive Seagrass Baskets

Vintage wooden Chopping Block

Ceramic Taper Candle Holder

vintage european basket E

vintage european basket D

Vintage european basket C

vintage european basket B

Vintage european basket A

Seagrass bowls

Wooden Brush Replacement head II

Wooden Glass Brush

Wooden Pot Brush II

Wooden Dishbrush with Replaceable Head II

Vintage Wood Handled Bucket

Providence Pine Console Table

Ceramic Nesting Dish Set

Vintage Marble Dish

Stonewall Kitchen Dessert Sauce

Stonewall Kitchen Aioli

Large Square European Bread Board

Wood Parat Tray L

The Bare Home- Laundry Detergent

The Bare Home- All Purpose Spray

The Bare Home- Hand Soap

Etched square dish

Glass butter dish

Blue recycled glass beads

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