Green Glass Recycled Beads

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Recycled glass African Beads.

These beads are in shades of deep green as shown however each bead varies slightly.

Ghana is known for its eco-friendly process of creating recycled glass beads we use for home decor or jewellery making. These beads continue to play a role in traditional birth, marriage, death and coming of age rituals.

Scrap and unusable glass products (like glass bottles and shells) are ground into fine powders or melted before being poured into clay moulds and baked in oven to turn into gorgeous glass beads in all the beautiful colour. Each different colour of beads have a different symbolism.

These beads now help sustain economies and families in the villages where they are made. Bead making can be traced back through history almost 2 thousand years (a long post). The sellers that I get many of my beads from tell the stories how back in the 17th centuries the beads that were actually "traded" for goods and services and signified wealth.

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Size: approx. 1" per bead