9" Brass Pepper Grinder

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Solid brass grinder with a thickness of 1 mm with a solid cast grinder that is designed so that it grinds your spices optimally. Not intended for salt 

The 3-part grinder first guides the peppercorns into the mill, after which it is coarsely ground and finally ground completely fine. The Alexander Mills are tried and tested products that have been into market since 1977 and they meet high standards of quality and functionality.

This item is solid unlaquered brass and will show signs of aging with use that can be polished back to a shine if you so choose.

The side by side peppercorn photo shows a pepper grinder that has been used (Meg's grinder of a few years) and the new salt grinder on the left to show the aged colour toning for your reference.


Size: 2.25"d x 9"h

Made in Greece 

**Please note, handle is shipped inside the mill for safety**