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Orchid and Fern Arrangement.

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Plant name: Phalaenopsis orchid, dark button fern, plumosa fern, autumn fern, philodendron cordatum 

Stunning orchid and fern arrangement planted in our banded bowl topped with Spanish moss. 


Light required: medium to bright indirect 

Watering: The orchid has been planted in its growths pot and requires 2 ice cubes once a week nestled into the mulch. The surrounding ferns and philodendron can be checked and watered once a week to once every 1.5 weeks. Allow the entire planter to dry slightly between watering. 

Extra Oliver and Rust tricks: Don't be afraid to move the moss aside and feel the soil. This banded bowl is a bit of a shallow planter and has the potential to dry out quicker than a deep potted arrangement. 

This is the exact planter you will receive. 

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