Paper mâché bowl

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Greige toned paper mâché bowls. Three sizes of these unique bowls. 

Excellent for display or for using as a planter [please make sure you line or use liners for your plants to keep this bowl in good shape]


These bowls are handmade from paper; dimpling, creases or small cracks are part of the products handmade material intergrity 

Small: 14" [shown in table photo]

Medium: 17"

Large: 18" 

Trying to get that high end look? Add the bowl of your choice AND the moss filler option. You will receive your bowl as well as a bag of straw filler and a bag of preserved moss filler to fill your bowl with a no maintenance green look.

Put the straw in the bowl first and tuck it down and inside the bowl so none is hanging out. Start applying sheets of moss from the outside towards the inside, tucking, poking and smushing until you have a beautiful mound. This moss requires no maintenance however should be kept out of direct sunlight for best care practices.

You must put the bowl in your cart and then come back to this listing and put the moss add on in your cart as well.