Townie Baskets (Set of 3).

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Gorgeous set of cane-framed baskets with woven bamboo mesh.

Suitable for plants, blankets, magazines, and more. Or, group together for a cohesive display.

This basket is sturdy and stiff not slouchy. It will not bend if trying to "stuff" it into a certain space so the measurements are quite firm.

Product Details


Small: 11"h (w/ handles) x 7.75"h (w/o handles) x 9"l x 8"w x 6.5" opening

Medium: 15"h (w/ handles) x 12"h (w/o handles) x 13"l x 12"w x 10" opening

Large: 19"h (w/ handles) x 15.5"h (w/o handles) x 17"l x 15.5"w x 14" opening