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Terra Arrangement

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 Our beautiful natural terracotta Terra planter planted with Lemon Button Fern, Marble Queen Pothos and a Fittonia topped with mulch 


Light required: Medium to bright indirect 

Watering: Once a week 

Extra Oliver and Rust tricks: This terracotta planter has a drainage hole in the bottom, we have added screening over the hole to prevent soil and water running out when watering. It is best to place this planter on a saucer or water over the sink and allow to drip. 

This is similar to arrangement you will receive. Exact plant(s) may vary slightly.


Please remember if choosing delivery for a plant, to let the recipient know to expect a live plant (or a gift at the very least, so they know to answer the door)to ensure that they bring in the arrangement if the weather is very warm or cool. 

If this is a gift being delivered for Mother's Day, we are doing Mother's Day deliveries on Saturday May 8th. No delivery on Sunday. 

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