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Boston Fern

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A large lush Boston Fern. Very much the Queen among the ferns, the Boston Fern is an exceptionally easy care plant. 

Light required: Medium to Direct Sun

It is highly recommended that you train your fern before throwing it into full sun. Allow your fern to enjoy some shade for a few days and gradually start to move it into brighter filtered light for the next few days. Then gradually introduce to full sun with only a few hours a day. The fern needs to get use to the light. If thrown into full sun, the foliage will burn. 

Watering: once-twice a week 

Extra Oliver and Rust tricks: Boston Ferns are very hardy and easy to care for. They appreciate a heavy water when needed but are ok to dry slightly between watering.

Please remember if choosing delivery for a plant, to let the recipient know to expect a live plant (or a gift at the very least, so they know to answer the door)to ensure that they bring in the arrangement if the weather is very warm or cool. 

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