Oliver and Rust is an upscale lifestyle and plant specialty shop. Located in the heart of the growing Fonthill core in Ontario. The retail store has been open since April 2015 with a wide array of vintage items, pillows, home décor, planters and a large unique selection of plants. 

Oliver and Rust began as the brainchild of owner Meaghan [Meg] Gizuk when she started a blog under the same name to chronicle the renovations of husband Trevor and her then new home.If you hit the BLOG tab you can read through right to the beginning. What started as an idea from watching Julie and Julia blossomed into a home décor blog having their home featured in numerous national magazines and online lifestyle blogs. The business of selling pillows and vintage items began in their garage with twice a year shows to a blossoming crowd. Eight years later, leaving a career in dental hygiene behind to sew thousands of pillows, and indulge her love of all things plant. The store is a thriving 3 years old, thanks to a wonderful set of growing customers.

Meg remains the hands sewing most of the pillows in the shop, hand picking the vintage items with Trevor in places near and far as well as handpicking the plants from many local greenhouses.

 We are ecstatic to help you bring home a bit of the unique to your home and help you find the home you want in store and now online. My team and I are happy to help with plant questions, pillow dilemas and anything in between.


Owner/Operator: Meaghan Gizuk

Managing Sales Associate: Jillian Letourneau

Junior Sales Associate: Emma