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White double spike orchid regular

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Plant name: Phalaenopsis

Common name: Orchid


Size:  5" clear plastic growers pot; double spike white flowers

* this size approx 20-22" height *

Light required: Medium to bright indirect 

Watering: Easy does it. These plants do not appreciate being wet and love cool temperatures. You are perfectly ok to use the ice cube technique if you are familiar with it however ensure your ice cubes do not sit on any green leaves or green roots. 
place them right on the bark if possible.

Other watering options are water well weekly and allow water to completely drain through plastic pot IN THE SINK and after finished dripping replace the plant in its decorative pot.

Plant shown is not the exact plant to be received however is the exact variety you will receive.

Oliver and Rust team notes: Orchids do not flower indefinitely. They flowers last anywhere from 1-3 months depending on warmth, and cycle of growth. The plant can be cut back and attempt to regrow afterwards, kept as a green leafy plant or compost, the choice is yours.